TrikeZilla HIGLEY WELDING Est 1975
                 * Fatty Trike - 550 Lb Capacity Tricycle 
Dual Rear Wheel All Terrain Trikes
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                             DUAL WHEEL ALL TERRAIN TRICYCLE
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                MODEL 2  INCLUDES BACK REST                                                                       MODEL 1
                $449.00 Plus $79.00                                                        $366.00 Plus $79.00 Shipping   
 Trike Zilla Fatty Trike once and you will not want to get off.You can ride this beach cruiser pedal tricycle across a dirt field or on the cement.This fat tire dual wheel tricycle is ideal for a a little larger people or full size adults.It's perfect mobility for those with special needs.Comes standard with dual fat tires in the back and one large jumbo fat tire in the front.
Fatty Trike is ideal for tricycle racing,church and school functions.We build,sell and rent this tricycle in the Minneapolis,St Paul area.
Ideal for people  4"5" -  to 6' 5".Unlike other big trikes we use a single horizontal frame.We do this so your feet will not get hung up when mounting the tricycle. The dimensions are 41" to 43" height to the handle, the seat level is 24"to 29" .  The Seat is adjustable up and down on the frame at any location you wish . Available powder coat color: red,blue,yellow







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